Day Date Time LSD Other Events
Saturday Jan 6Hohenort
SundayJan 76:30 No run
Saturday Jan 13
SundayJan 146:30 No run Bay to Bay
Saturday Jan 20
SundayJan 216:30 Fruit and Veg
Saturday Jan 27Red Hill
SundayJan 286:30 No run
Saturday Feb 3Firgrove
SundayFeb 46:30 Tafelberg road
Saturday Feb 1027 for Freedom
SundayFeb 116:30 Mouille Point
Saturday Feb 17
SundayFeb 186:30 Ladies Mile Mystery route Peninsula
Saturday Feb 24Cango Marathon
SundayFeb 256:30 Kalk Bay Milkwood
Saturday Mar 3
SundayMar 45:00Three Dogs Tygerberg 30
Saturday Mar 10CV 15
SundayMar 116:30 Ladies Mile Cycle Tour
Saturday Mar 17
SundayMar 185:00Noordhoek - Zoo +/- 28km Kloof Nek classic + Big Walk
Saturday Mar 24
SundayMar 256:30 Mouille Point
Saturday Mar 31Two Oceans
SundayApr 16:30 No run
Saturday Apr 7
SundayApr 87:00Fish Hoek Beach
Saturday Apr 14
SundayApr 157:00 Apostles - Gardens
Saturday Apr 21Weskus
SundayApr 227:00 Hout Bay Harbour
Saturday Apr 28Outeniqua
SundayApr 297:00 Noordhoek
Saturday May 5
SundayMay 67:00 Lion's Circuit UCT 10
Saturday May 12
SundayMay 137:00 UCT Zoo Parking Lot Slave route
Saturday May 19Jonkershoek
SundayMay 207:00 Cancelled Onerun
Saturday May 26
SundayMay 277:00 Glencairn loop
Saturday Jun 2
SundayJun 37:00 Mouille Point
Saturday Jun 9
SundayJun 107:00 VOB Clubhouse Comrades (Breakfast)
Saturday Jun 16
SundayJun 177:00 No run Table Mountain 16km
Saturday Jun 23
SundayJun 247:00 Kalk Bay Don Lock
Saturday Jun 30Spook Hill
SundayJul 17:00 Tokai
Saturday Jul 7Knysna
SundayJul 87:00 Fruit and Veg
Saturday Jul 14Bastille
SundayJul 157:00 Apostles - Gardems
Saturday Jul 21
SundayJul 227:30 Tafelberg road CT Festival 21
Saturday Jul 28
SundayJul 297:30 UCT Zoo Parking Lot
Saturday Aug 4
SundayAug 57:30 Ladies Mile
Saturday Aug 11
SundayAug 127:30 Noordhoek
Saturday Aug 18PUFfeR
SundayAug 197:30 TBD John Korasie
Saturday Aug 25
SundayAug 267:30 Lion's Circuit
Saturday Sep 1
SundaySep 27:30 TBD Satori Camel
Saturday Sep 8
SundaySep 97:00 Mouille Point
Saturday Sep 15
SundaySep 167:00 Fish Hoek Beach
Saturday Sep 22
SundaySep 237:00 No run Cape Town
Saturday Sep 29
SundaySep 307:00 Grape Run Helpers run
Saturday Oct 6
SundayOct 77:00 No run Grape Run
Saturday Oct 13
SundayOct 146:30Tokai
Saturday Oct 20
SundayOct 216:30 Hout Bay Harbour
Saturday Oct 27
SundayOct 286:30 Kommetjie
Saturday Nov 3
SundayNov 46:30 No run Landmarks
Saturday Nov 10
SundayNov 116:30 Apostles - Gardens
Saturday Nov 17
SundayNov 186:30 UCT Zoo Parking Lot
Saturday Nov 24
SundayNov 256:30 VOB Clubhouse
Saturday Dec 1
SundayDec 26:30 Noordhoek
Saturday Dec 8
SundayDec 96:30 Fish Hoek Beach
Saturday Dec 15
SundayDec 166:30 Lion's Circuit
Saturday Dec 22
SundayDec 236:30 Fruit and Veg
Wed Dec 266:30 Constantia Nek                
Saturday Dec 29
SundayDec 305:30Club Chairmans Run
Saturday Jan 5Hohenort
SundayJan 66:30 Ladies Mile

The Routes

1 Kommetjie - Scarborough:
  • Location: Shell garage, Kirsten avenue
  • Water: Seconding is required
  • GPS:  -34.140558,18.329224 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 22km (with an optional extra 6km: turn at point C)
  • Route:

2 Tokai - Kalk Bay:
  • Location: Tokai, cnr Tokai and Dalmore roads
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -34.06201,18.435262 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 22km
  • Route: Tokai, Pollsmoor, Westlake golf course, Kalk bay and back

3 Noordhoek - Hout Bay:
  • Location: Noordhoek farm village (Parking lot off Village lane).
  • Water: We drink from the rivers en-route
  • GPS: -34.096858,18.37664 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 20km
  • Approximate route:

  • Location: Noordhoek farm village (Parking lot off Village lane).
  • Water: Seconding required
  • GPS: -34.096858,18.37664 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 19km
  • Approximate route:

5 Bergvliet - Kirstenbosch:
  • Location: Spur car park, Ladies mile, Bergvliet.
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -34.048508,18.454403 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 19km
  • Approximate route:

6 Camps Bay - Suikerbossie:
  • Location: Opposite Camps bay High School Opposite Camps Bay Police Station
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -33.944406,18.37752 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 20km 18km
  • Route: Suikerbossie and back

7 Kalk Bay - Simonstown:
  • Location: Main Road, Kalk Bay. From Kalk Bay station.
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -34.124524,18.45175 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 25km (or less if you want)
  • Route: Kalk Bay to Simons Town Golf club and back (just past Boulders). On the way back, we run along Fish Hoek beech if its low tide.

8 Tafelberg road - Signal Hill:
  • Location: Tafelberg road. Meet at the Kloof Nek car-park.
  • Water: Taps en-route.
  • GPS: -33.942995, 18.395618 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 19km
  • Route: Depart from Kloof Nek, run past the cable station to the end of the tar, then we retrace our steps, and go all the way to Signal hill. We then return to the start at Kloof Nek.

  • Location: Noordhoek Farm Village
  • Water: Seconding is required
  • GPS: -34.096824,18.377295 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 41km (with an optional extra 4km)
  • Route:

  • Location: At the Light House, Beach Road Mouille Point
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -33.901704,18.399621 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 22km
  • Route:

11 Zoo Parking Lot:
  • Location: At the entrance gate of Rhodes Memorial The parking lot facing the exit from UCT, 500m closer to UCT from where we used to park. This new meeting place is opposite the security hut at the booms at the South Exit from UCT. It's right next to where we used to park - just closer to UCT (and much bigger and hopefully safer). Don't take the Rhodes Memorial exit from the M3, but rather the 'UCT' exit. (Assuming you're coming from Constantia side, this is the exit after the Rhodes Memorial turn-off.)
  • Water: Taps en-route 
  • GPS: -33.961061,18.459785 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 20km 
  • Route

  • Location: Parking lot at the entrance of Ruyterplaats Estate Near Suikerbossie Restaurant
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -34.0124,18.351105 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 19km
  • Route: Camps Bay and back

  • Location: Parking lot at Fruit & Veg City, Tokai
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -34.062775,18.458979 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 20km
  • Route: To Kalk Bay via Sandvlei and Muizenberg, then back via Boys drive or Main road.

  • Location: Westlake business park, outside SA National Parks offices on Westlake drive (50m from the traffic lights at the intersection with Steenberg road.)
  • Water: Taps and streams en-route
  • GPS: -34.080376,18.439774 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 26 or 30km
  • Route: Boyes drive, Kalk Bay, (optionally Blackhill,) Sun Valley, Oukaapse Weg. The short option cuts out Blackhill, and goes directly from Fish Hoek to Sun Valley.

  • Location: At the Light House, Beach Road Mouille Point
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -33.901704,18.399621 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 18km
  • Route: A loop around Lion's Head taking in some nice views and lots of variety. Contains some sections on jeep track.

16 Constantia route from VOB:
  • Location: Meet outside the VOB clubhouse.
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -34.019532,18.447814 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 22km
  • Route: A loop through Upper Wynberg, past Monterey, through upper Constantia, and back to the clubhouse via Groot Constantia and Klein Constantia.

  • Location: Meet at the VOB clubhouse in Constantia
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -34.019532,18.447814 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 22km
  • Route: From Signal hill, along Tafelberg road, the contour path, left down to Rhodes Memorial, Union Avenue, Paradise Motors, Tenant Road, Wolfe Street Wynberg Hill, to the Club House..

  • Location: Camps Bay tidal pool / police station
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS: -33.955286,18.376549 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 19km
  • Route: From Camps Bay we run along main road into Sea Point. Near to the swimming pools, we run up to Ocean View drive and follow it to Buitengragt and then on to Camp street in Gardens. Once in Gardens we proceed through Higgovale to Kloof Nek, and then down through Camps Bay to the start.

  • Location: The end of Harbour Road.
  • Water: Taps en-route
  • GPS-34.055077,18.347865 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 21km
  • Route: From "Fish on the Rocks" right at the end of Harbour Road, we run up towards "Suikerbossie", and from there through Ruyterplaats Estate to World of Birds and then down Valley road. Once back on Victoria road, we go to Hout Bay main road and follow it about half way up the hill to Chapmans Peak. The turning point is a waterfall where we stop for water. We then take the shortest route back to the start.

  • Location: Noordhoek Farm Village.
  • Water: Seconding required
  • GPS: -34.080376,18.439774 OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 29km
  • Route: From Noordhoek Farm Village, over Ou Kaapse Weg, along Spaanschemat, up Ladies Mile, Parish, Southern Cross, Rhodes Drive, Rhodes Avenue and ending at the gate to Rhodes Memorial just before UCT.
  • Important Note: This is not an out-and-back route. We will initially meet at the finish, and then share lifts to the start in as few cars as possible. i.e. Don't just go to the start - you might not get a lift back to your car!

  • Location: Fish Hoek beach corner.
  • Water: Taps en route
  • GPS: -34.140706, 18.431885  OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 20km
  • Route: From the parking lot near to the rocks at the end of Fish Hoek beach, we run along main road towards Sun Valley and Kommetjie, bearing left. At the 4-way intersection with the Glencairn expressway we turn left and head over to Glencairn. From Main road Glencairn, we turn right into the Glencairn valley, and follow the road in a circular loop up to Da Gama park and down through Dido Valley to Main road where we turn left and return to Fish Hoek beach via the catwalk, ending the run with an optional swim and ice cream.
22 Fish Hoek - Muizenberg:
  • Location: Fish Hoek beach corner.
  • Water: Taps en route
  • GPS: -34.140706, 18.431885  OpenStreetMap
  • Distance: 20km
  • Route: From the parking lot near to the rocks at the end of Fish Hoek beach, we run towards Muizenberg (on the beach if the tide is low and the sand firm). We follow Main road to St James where we proceed along the cat-walk. Once in Muizenberg, we run along the canal and Sand Vlei, crossing the railway line at the Lakeside station bridge. We then continue along Main road, returning via Boyes drive, ending the run with an optional swim and ice cream.